Safe Life Teacher

Part Time

Sacramento, CA



Safe Life Teachers work in a variety of community settings with individuals, who have developmental disabilities and/or autism, to deliver personal safety, abuse awareness, healthy relationship lessons. Classes generally serve 8-12 students, or in special cases, may be conducted in 1:1 settings (one teacher and one student). Lessons are usually team taught (two teachers per class) on a predetermined schedule, with one class being taught each week over a 12-week period.  




  1. Teach individuals with disabilities skills for abuse prevention, personal safety, reporting, healthy relationships, self-determination, and overall well-being, as outlined in the Safe Life Project.
  2. Commit to and teach one class per week for 12 weeks (unless classes for the session are scheduled differently, such as two classes per week for 6 weeks) and one additional class on the 13th week to ensure an opportunity is provided for any additional make-up work needed.
  3. Before a class session begins, consider student information provided by Safe Life in order to become familiar with assigned students to help all student needs.
  4. Commit to being prepared to teach each lesson by reviewing lesson material before it is presented to students.
  5. Teach class sessions following the lesson topic schedule and prescribed concentration areas for each student.
  6. Be able to adapt materials, presentation methods, and class environment to enable all students to reach their learning potential.
  7. Have knowledge of and ability to appropriately apply skills for positive behavior management.
  8. Take student attendance, follow up on absences, schedule and teach any make-up work needed (this is usually done by having the student come early or stay after one of their regular class sessions).
  9. Follow Safe Life procedures to ensure student and family feedback for class improvement.
  10. Assist with the post assessment summary report for each student by completing the teacher feedback for post assessment form. Email all completed forms to the Safe Life Project Program Manager.
  11. Consider confidentiality when providing/completing/collecting/submitting all evaluations and reports.
  12. Any Safe Life employee working for other agency certification(s) or credit(s), must seek approval and be monitored by Safe Life CEO team member.



Minimum Qualifications:


1.  College degree preferred (BA, BS or AA) with successful experiences in working with students with developmental disabilities, or


2.  Some college and other successful relevant experiences in teaching, facilitating, or coaching and a desire to work with individuals, who have developmental disabilities, to help improve their overall well-being and quality of life, and


3.  A current CPR/First Aide certification.


Other Knowledge Needed:


  • Teachers must have basic computer skills in Power Point, Word, and Excel, and an ability to use an iPad to the extent necessary for lesson presentation and record keeping.
  • Teachers must be able to work with a wide range of disabilities, from mild to severe, including those with behavioral challenges, and including those with very limited experience (the naïve and vulnerable) to those with very extensive experience (those who may have been abused, are sexually active, and/or those coming from the criminal justice system).




  • Successful Safe Life Teacher candidates must participate in periodic trainings which include a focus on participation as part of a teaching team and teaching strategies. Compensation is provided.




  • Class settings are located in a variety of community facilities, from public buildings to church settings, etc.  There is not a one-stop location or one-type of classroom style.

  • Teachers will need to check out/carry/set up/repack/care for general presentation equipment provided by the Safe Life Project, such as a projector or laptop.

  • Teachers may need to assist students in wheelchairs periodically, adjusting chair position for optimal classroom learning. 

  • At times, drivers for student pick-up may be late, and staff must wait for their arrival.


WORK YEAR:  Safe Life Teachers are part of an at-will employee pool.  Work opportunities may vary depending upon client intake. No health benefits are connected to this position.


COMPENSATION:  $50 per class, usually a two-hour class @ 12 CLASSES PER SESSION.  Each training is also compensated at $50 per in-service.

POSITION REPORTS TO:   The Safe Life Teacher reports to the CEO Team.  

How to Apply:  If you are interested in applying for this position, you will need to complete a letter of introduction and an application and send both documents to You can download the application form by clicking the link below. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

  Click Here For Application

The Safe Life Project is a 501(C)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

 Promoting Success by Addressing Physical, Social & Emotional Well-being