Safe Life Special Projects Team Member

Part Time

Remote or Sacramento, CA



Qualified employees will be hired on an as needed basis for special projects to improve operation and service delivery for the Safe Life Project Non-Profit Organization.

Safe Life Special Projects Team Members often work in pairs, but sometimes individually depending on the assignment. Team members work remotely or in a variety of settings conducive to work projects and with access to computer equipment needed to complete assigned work. Work assigned is typically related to phones, data entry, office/clerical tasks.




Employee Qualifications will vary depending on each special project but will most likely include skills for:

  • Working on a computer
  • Working with Microsoft Office
  • Data Entry
  • Working as part of a team
  • Organization
  • Following directions and asking questions as needed
  • Communication 
  • Working independently as needed complete projects in reasonable amount of time
  • Reporting to assigned contact person regarding progress on assigned projects



Minimum Qualifications:


  1. All education will be considered as it applies to Special Projects.


  1. A current CPR/First Aide certification (only if job involves contact with clients).


Other Knowledge Needed:


  • Must be familiar with the Safe Life Project Non-Profit Organization mission.
  • Computer Skills 
  • Safe Life Special Project Team Members must be able and willing to communicate effectively other team members and those interested in the Safe Life Project, representing the organization appropriately.



  • Work assigned is typically related to phones, data entry, office/clerical tasks, and can be performed in environments most appropriate/convenient location for the employee, usually a team member’s home, coffee shop with internet access, but sometimes another location, such as a public library or other that team members agree upon.
  • Safe Life Special Project Team Members can use their own computer equipment to complete projects as most convenient, and/or will need to check out/carry/set up/repack/care for equipment and materials (pursuant to specific projects) provided by the Safe Life Project.


WORK YEAR:  Safe Life Special Project Team Members are part of an at-will employee pool.  Work load opportunities may vary depending upon needs of organization.  No health benefits are connected to this position.


COMPENSATION*:  Qualified employees will be paid $15 (per person) per hour for work completed plus mileage for those assignments that require travel. Special Project Team Members are usually compensated $15 per hour for in-service and trainings.

*Compensation rates are subject to change as determined by the Safe Life Board of Directors.

POSITION REPORTS TO:   The Safe Life Special Project Team Members report to the CEO Team.


How to Apply:

 If you are interested in applying for this position, you will need to complete a letter of introduction and an application and send both documents to You can download the application form by clicking the link below. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

  Click Here For Application

The Safe Life Project is a 501(C)(3) non-profit charitable organization.

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